In The Need Of Motivation – Part 2.


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“It’s Not Important To Get Motivated Rather Stay Motivated.” @ Mahendra Kapady.

 From Why to How?

Continuing from the previous post- I hope you must have received a bit of an idea of how to get motivated in the right way! You must have understood why it’s important to get motivated in the right way, now we would discuss how!

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Part 2 – I don’t Need Motivation!

 We Must Remain Motivated All The Time?

Too many people ask Me- How to be motivated All the time? Do you have that question? Okay, go on with the article.

Some people feel that we should be motivated all the time! I have heard a few people saying I have attended that 3-day motivational seminar but the effect didn’t last for more than 10-15…

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don’t live in the past

If you walk up this morning feeling bad; Ask yourself! Why?

Isn’t it a new day? How come I don’t feel well before even the day started?

If today was similar to the day before and if this week looked like the week before, would you stop and think for a second.

What would make next week different from the weeks before? What would make this year different from the years before?

If you ask these questions, you started to live the moment? You aren’t a person who does things because he/ she has been doing them for a long time. You started to reflect on your past, to take the learnings and let go off all other misfortunes, fears and limiting beliefs.

Why change?

Imagine that you are using an old map to travel around a city that you don’t know well. What are the chances that you get lost? If you get lost for some time, what is the likely hood to miss what you wanted to do? What would people impression like?

Lost in a city that you don’t know, missing all your appointments or ( at least very late) and unable to achieve anything you want!

If you want to have a better future, you need to have the tools of the future or at least today’s’ tools.

Do you know that your brain likes to save energy, and it is more likely to be reactive than proactive?

Don’t let your limiting beliefs and negative emotions hold you back!

Those beliefs and emotions resulted from your past experiences and they aren’t to be used now and later.

complimentary video

I ask every reader to imagine things you hate; food, animal, people…etc.

See how you react to those images, weird isn’t it?

You experienced the same responses that you are used to them? It is just an image! why did you respond that way?

Your brain gives you what you want to experience, it is already, think about it and you have it!

My advice for you because I love you, don’t live on auto mood claim your brain back. Please visit for more assistance.